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Enjoy culinary masterpieces in a cozy, sports bar environment.

Wings and Beer

Smokehouse Fusion

It’s a new concept derived from the smoking of the out-of-the-box meats, fish and vegetables with a new process that you won’t normally see in your traditional smokehouse. Our meats and fish are seasoned with spices from around the world, along with a combination of wood fuel sources, to take our food experience to a whole different level. We guarantee you haven’t tried this smoked experience!

We carry traditional smoked menu items, such as chicken and brisket, but we hope you will try our fusion smokehouse menu items. The flavors will explode in your mouth, and the meats will be dripping wet in there juices. No sauces needed!

Smokehouse Fusion

Pitmaster Joe

The Science of Smoking

Fat is the true secret weapon of smoking. When fat is cooked at high temperatures, it makes meat tough, because fat tissues are full of collagen. Slow-cooking (e.g. smoking) meat has the opposite effect on collagen, instead of tightening the molecules it breaks them down. When wood is burned it breaks down the cellular walls (cellulose) of the wood. Cellulose, a type of sugar, then caramelizes on the fat and helps to break down collagen. Water makes its way into the fat once it starts to break down and you are left with a savory fatty goo instead of a tough rubber band.

Our dedicated chef spends nearly all his free time testing and improving recipes, smoking technology, and methods. Just when you think he's run out of ideas, he'll blow your mind!

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Although the event center is closed due to COVID-19, we are planning our Grandest Opening!

Club Billow's Grandest Opening

Join us for the Grandest Opening of the Club Billow Event Center, to celebrate our resilience, and to honor those to perished from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Club Billow's Grandest Opening